Automatically import your CSV, Excel, XML and other files into Xero

CSV2Cloud processes your files on the fly, in any way you want, and imports them into your Xero account. Change format, adjust or aggregate data on the fly and save your valuable time. CSV2Cloud is reliable and fully customisable solution for automating on-going data imports into Xero.

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Reliable and fully customisable solution

Do you have file you need to import into Xero but it doesn’t fit Xero requirements? Or, perhaps, you need to do some modifications to the data on regular basis? If the answer is yes, CSV2Cloud is perfect for you! We will process your data on the fly, in any way you want, and save it in your Xero account on whatever frequency you need, no strings attached.

We can process all kinds of file types

So far we’ve successfully processed CSV, TXT, XLS, XLSX, XML and IIF file types, but we’ll take whatever you have. We manually analyse your file and, based on your requirements, custom tailor parser to your needs. Bottom line, you will be 100% satisfied before you start using the service!

We’ll save you your precious time

If you spend just 15 minutes a week re-entering or importing data into Xero, you will be more than happy with time CSV2Cloud will save you. Imagine all the things you could do to improve your business while we do boring stuff... not to mention 100% accuracy!

Pricing for everyone

Pay-as-you-go, No-Contract monthly plans


$49 per month

1 parser


$99 per month

3 parsers

Small Business

$149 per month

5 parsers


$249 per month

10 parsers


$499 per month

20 parsers

Each parser requires $99 Setup fee, charged once. All amounts shown are in USD.

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Is CSV2Cloud right for me?

Do you use Xero?

Right now, CSV2Cloud interfaces with our favourite cloud based general ledger, Xero. If you use another cloud based platform, by all means contact us and we can have a conversation.

Do you manually enter invoices?

If you're entering data by copy and pasting, just stop. That's boring and time consuming. We'll take that file and make it appear inside Xero.

Do you enter invoices in more than once?

Again, this is missing the point of using a cloud based platform. Manual data entry is a thing of the past. Let CSV2Cloud send that data to Xero for you.

Spend less time on Admin

For just $588 a year, you can guarantee that all your data is safely inside Xero and your staff can be spending their time more wisely.

Don’t take our word for it

If your e-commerce shop, or POS system dumps a MYOB export file then let enter it for you!

Finn Clark

We found entering orders into Xero was eating up valuable time that we could have been spending doing other things to further our business.

Once set up allowed us to upload orders sent to us in Excel or XML format straight into Xero which significantly cut down the time it takes to raise an invoice on receipt of an order - a great initiative. Many thanks Matt and the team.


Our warehouse needed a specific file format and the team were able to set it up for us. It's automated our shipping process!

John Wilson

Let us help you get your data in

Send us your details, including a sample file if you have one and we'll get back to you soon.