Import your Invoices* into Xero, fast and easy

Email your files to us and our system will automatically create invoices* in your Xero account for you. It'll takes minutes and 100% accuracy is guaranteed. We'll even apply any custom rules you want, on the fly, so you can add credit card fees, calculate affiliate commission, etc.

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* Bills, Bank Transactions, Payments, Purchase Orders, Contacts and Manual Journals also supported

Reliable and fully customizable

Reliable and fully customizable

We build custom program (parser) and adjust it specially to your file formatting only. This code will be used by CSV2Cloud each time we process your files. We'll even implement all the rules you may have on how to manipulate data from your file while processing. With that you won't need to touch your files at all before importing into Xero. These endless possibilities makes CSV2Cloud perfect for on-going data imports and most reliable business companion.

Seamlessly integrates into your workflow

Seamlessly integrates into your workflow

Explain to us how you want your data imported into Xero and CSV2Cloud will make it happen. Flexibility of CSV2Cloud makes it easy to integrate into any workflow and system out there. As long as your system can export data, CSV2Cloud can import it into Xero!

Import files as easy as sending an email

Import files as easy as sending an email

There is no complex list of things you have to do in order to import your files into Xero. You don't have to touch your data at all as we take files directly from email. All you have to do is to forward your files to a special email address we'll assign to you and CSV2Cloud will do the rest.

Say goodbye to manual entry

Say goodbye to manual entry

You don't need to manually enter or format data into any predefined template. We will apply all rules we need, in order to do that work for you. For example, CSV2Cloud can map columns exactly as you want, merge or split column values, split one row into multiple line items, merge multiple rows into one line item, apply all kinds of custom calculations (like adding/deducting fees, extracting commissions into separate line items, applying discounts based on custom rules), apply different account to each line item based on your custom rules... etc.
With these in mind, CSV2Cloud reduces number of possible mistakes and creates 100% accurate and perfect documents in Xero for you.

Save your time and money

Save your time and money

If you spend even 15 minutes per week importing data into Xero, then CSV2Cloud is a perfect solution for you. By automating this boring and annoying process, you'll save tons of time and money, which you can use for better things. Plus you'll also eliminate inevitable human errors.

Not sure if this works in your case?

Let us know how you import data into Xero now, and we will quickly let you know if we can automate that for you.

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Still not sure? Don't take our word for it.

Read comments from our existing customers and see for yourself how valuable CSV2Cloud really is.

We have a very complicated and detailed manifest produced weekly for our palletised deliveries which was used to produce Invoices. The process was manual and very time consuming averaging about 10-12 man hours to get the job done. After a couple of emails, some test files and a bit of tweaking I was all set to use CSV2Cloud. The whole process now takes us less than 10 minutes. The 150-200 Invoices are sent week in week out in a timely fashion and contain detailed information without any rekeying errors. The implementation was smooth and hassle free, the return on investment is tenfold, I thoroughly recommend the product and service.

Peter Samuel
FTS, United Kingdom

If you manually enter a large amount of data that previously existed anywhere in electronic form into Xero, you've come to the right place. To liquidate manual entries, all you have to do is to output source data in any format and send it to CSV2Cloud. CSV2Cloud will put this data into Xero in the appropriate place.

Alexander Levitin
PixelMags, United States

The Place: Charlestown Community Centre have a piece of booking software that is integral to our daily business practices and is the source of our invoicing. When we migrated to Xero (which we love) we had difficulty transferring the data from the booking software to Xero without a lot of data entry. We looked broadly for a solution and had some very costly options put to us. Vlad and CSV2Cloud were a wonderful find. They worked closely with us to clearly understand our needs. They were quick to come up with a solution and then stayed close while we tested it and ironed out any issues. I highly recommend this service and I am happy for anyone to contact me to discuss this in person.

Lynda Little
The Place: Charlestown Community Centre, Australia

CSV2Cloud setup a bespoke integration for us, what used to take hours now only takes a few clicks. The service and response was 100% throughout setup and testing.

Fionn Bass
Sukrin ltd, United Kingdom

The CSV2Cloud service is an essential tool for us in ensuring our accounting operation is as accurate and efficient as possible. We have reduced finance labour costs by over 80% since introducing the system to our operation and have been impressed by both the way it works and the service we get from Vlad and the team. Recommended without hesitation.

Chris Humpherson, United Kingdom

Sometimes life throw you curve balls: team members move on that normally look after data entry into Xero, the data change shape and format just as you thought you had it sorted, no one understands how your business works and how you want your revenue reflected in Xero.... And then the CSV2Cloud team works tirelessly with you till your data looks like you want it to look. Hours of manual work on a weekly basis is done in seconds!! Thank you so much to the CSV2Cloud Team.

Irma Bantjes
Stratus Financial Group, Australia

Amazing! Our quotes are in a pdf format with an integrated Excel Spreadsheet. Guys from CSV2Cloud were able to make a parser file that grabbed information from the Excel and the body of our pdf Quote. All we do is email our pdf quotes to the dedicated email address and they pop up in Xero Draft invoices for us to approve. This saves us up to 10 minutes of re-entering the same info from our quotes in to Xero. I haven't encountered such amazing service and speedy responses. Outstanding thank you.

Chris Ashton
Konstruct, New Zealand

I have just started my CSVCloud journey only a couple of days ago and I could not be more impressed!!!

Our bespoke Parser (that captures only the relevant information from our grossly convoluted Ordering document and magically generates all our customers Invoices in Xero) was ready for us to use within 3 business days!!

Guys from CSV2Cloud nailed this first time & there was literally no tweaking to be done!

Since then (only a couple of days ago) processing data via CSV2Cloud has already saved me approx half a day's labour!!!

Mauricio Sanhueza
Planet Chef, Australia

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